who the hell is this HM01 spaz?

I usually go by coza/anxiety/iHM01myself.

my life is neet and I do neet shit, I like to spend my time playing vidya, drawing, hanging out with frenz, going for nature walks, skate/snowboarding and making dumb edgy comics ❤

my goal in life is to enjoy what I do and stay cozy uwu


Are you a boy or a girl?
– yes

What’s with the username? anxietythedemon sound stupid af
– Years ago I was making sado comics on tumblr, mainly inspired by situations I was in/the kinds of people I met, those comics were more of an emotional outlet for me

I decided “anxietythedemon” would be a suitable username because of a combination of being inspired by some artists with edgy cultish aesthetics along with going to various religious schools, one of our teachers told us that mental illnesses were demons that latch on to people

as I moved to twitter to make edgier comics, I decided to keep the anxietythedemon @ for consistency, but made my username to iHM01myself as an edgy/nerdy reference to suit the new content I was making

What inspires you to make comics//are you another StoneToss?
– I have various inspirations from all over the place including (but not limited to) David Firth, Jhonen Vasquez, South Park, American Dad and some other weird stuff like The Binding of Isaac/other similar edgy stuff

after my life got better for me and I stopped being depresso, the inspiration to continue my tumblr comics was gone…
around the same time I came across Martian Magazine comics in some edgy facebook groups, seeing the kinda edgy meme humor I loved in comic form inspired me to change the direction of my comics to the lame edgelord stuff I make today 🙂

while I have been lightly inspired by artists similar to Stone, I didn’t really know about him till after I got into edgy humor comics

Why are you gay?
– I accidentally drank unfiltered water once

Are you left wing or right wing?
– I don’t have wings, I am not a bird…

In honesty though I don’t get into the political tribalism thing, that seems to be something americans and some parts of the UK get heavily involved in, and it seems to make those people believe everyone in the world is hyper-political… when that’s not the case